Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and the Department of Transport (DOT) – Abu Dhabi, requires all private schools in Abu Dhabi to offer transportation to and from school to their students in accordance with their official guidelines. In order to comply with this we are committed to offering students a safe reliable and professional transport service.

Fast Rent a Car (Operator) is our authorized transportation provider for Sunrise English Private School (School) and we have established a contract with them to ensure that they deliver acceptable standards on all the buses they provide.




Fee Schedule & Payment Mode :

FEE SCHEDULE (for all areas within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi)

Term Due Date for Payment
Term 1 ( April 2019 – Sept 2019 ) Due before 15th March 2019
Term 2 ( Oct 2019 – Dec 2019 ) Due before 15th Sep 2019
Term 3 ( Jan 2020 – March 2020 ) Due before 15th December 2019

Revised Transportation fees – 2019-2020 (as per ADEC approval):

Abu Dhabi Mussafah (Sector 9/10/11/12) MBZ Baniyas Shahama Khalifa City A
400 350 400 400 400 400

Transportation fees will be collected term-wise only and money will not be refunded, if mode of transportation is changed.

Areas Covered : While most areas are usually covered within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, if the registration falls below 15 for a specific route/area, transportation will not be offered for that route/area. Parents will be informed by the transport supervisor and parents MUST make alternate arrangements for transportation for their ward.

Payment Mode : Cash, Card(credit/debit) or Cheque in favor of “Fast Rent a Car” to be submitted to the Transport Section in the School.

“Please note that there will not be online payment or direct deposit to any bank account towards school transportation fee.”

A. Responsibilities of the Operator and School

    1. The bus company shall provide transportation service to all students who wish to use the service, who live within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, subject to a minimum of 15 children opting for bus service on a route (including the return).
    2. The Operator will make every effort to pick up and drop off the child at their door step but the school reserves the right to make consolidated pick up and drop off points in line with DOT & ADEC regulations.
    3. The operator shall determine the exact route and timings for pick up and drop off in cooperation with the school. However it must be clearly understood that the first child to be picked up will not necessarily be the first to be dropped off.
    4. The operator will only use buses that follows the guidelines of ADEC & DOT for School Bus Requirements.
    5. The operator will ensure that its buses are both clean and safe.
    6. The buses will be fitted with GPS tracking devices & Video Surveillance System. All buses are provided with a mobile phone. The mobile phone number is available on the website.
    7. To avoid penalizing other students who are on time, the bus driver WILL NOT WAIT for any child who is late beyond the designated pick up time. Buses will not leave from collection points ahead of schedule. However, due to traffic delays, buses may arrive at pick-up and drop-off points behind schedule.
    8. The Operator has the right to alter routes, move students from one route to another, or change the designated pick up time after giving due notice of less than one week to affected students. This will be subject to monitoring by the school.
    9. The school shall provide a bus supervisor on all buses.
    10. In case of a change in residence the transport service will be provided SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY seats on the new route and at appropriate cost.
    11. Neither the Operator nor the School will be responsible of the loss of any items left on the bus.
    12. The Operator shall provide a transport coordinator to the school, whose name and contact details are available on the school website. This individual will directly handle concerns, complaints, and issues concerning bus transportation. In the event that an issue cannot be resolved directly with the Operator, the school’s appointed transport coordinator (whose name and contact details are available on the school website) will follow-up on the issue and try to achieve a resolution.
    13. The operator reserves the right to decline provision of service to a student on grounds of availability of seat in the bus plying in the area.

B. Responsibilities of Parents and Students

    1. The parents are requested to bring the students to the pick-up point at least 5 minutes before the designated pick-up time of the bus, and also to be at the pick-up point at least 5 minutes before the designated drop-off time in order to avoid delay for the remainder of the students on the bus. Please note that the bus driver will not wait beyond designated time. In case students below the age of 12 years, if there is no one at the drop off point with whom to leave the student then the student will stay on the bus as it continues its journey and the and the bus supervisor will seek to contact the parents to arrange an alternate drop off point. If all attempts fail to contact the parents the student will be brought back to the school and it will be the responsibility of the parent to pick up the student from the school. Parents of all students of Grade 6 and below will be issued with two Guardian cards by the School. It is essential to produce the Guardian card to receive the student at the drop off point. The students can be received by the parents / relatives / parents of other students / maids or any other authorized adult with the Guardian card. It is mandatory that the adult with the Guardian card is present to collect the students of KG1 to Grade 6.
    2. Please note that the bus supervisors will not be allowed to leave the bus except in emergency cases. Under no circumstance will the conductor escort a student from the bus to the front door of the student’s home. A parent or appointed guardian must escort the student from the bus to the front door of the student’s home. For students of the age of 12 years and above and whose parents have no objection to their child being dropped off without a parent or guardian receiving the student at the drop off point, a written request. MUST be provided at the time of the bus service registration. The No Objection Format is available on the school website.
    3. The buses will depart at the designated time from the school. Should a student miss the bus for any reason then it will be the responsibility of the parent(s) to come and pick the student up from school.
    4. In case a student desires to be dropped off at another stop after school, whether on the same or different route then, he/she will be required to present a written request from the parent to the bus supervisor of the bus in the morning, who in turn will hand it to the transport coordinator at the school for approval. The transport coordinator will confirm the request with the parent(s) and accommodate if possible. The student will be informed of the decision during the school day. If the parent wishes for their ward to return back at a later return trip, in-order to accompany the elder sibling, a written request MUST be submitted to Transport coordinator, at the time of bus service registration. The request will ONLY be approved subject to School’s approval and based on seat availability in the bus plying for that specific route and time.
    5. Parents must be notify the school & bus company in writing of their desire to change to a different bus route at least two weeks in advance. The request form for Change of Location will be available on the school website. Provision of transport service due to change in location will be subject to the availability of seats on established routes. Fees as applicable to the new pick up area as per the fee structure will apply.
    6. If student is found to have caused damage to the bus or the property or belongings of a fellow student then, the parent(s) will be required to compensate adequately for the repair or replacement of the damaged item. The bus company will provide an incident report along with an invoice to be settle.
    7. For safety reasons, students will refrain from eating and drinking on the bus, except for water.
    8. The school Principal may exclude any student from the school transport service in any of the following cases:
    • If a student causes the delay of a trip more than three times in one school year.
    • If a student violates any safety rule and endangers the lives of others during the trip.
    • If a student refuses to ride a bus from a pickup point approved by the school.
    • If a student leaves the bus before reaching his/her designated destination without prior approval/permission.
    • If a student continues to cause disturbance and more than three written complaints are filled against him/her during one school year.

List of Violations & their Consequences

All students and passengers who use the school transport service are obliged to abide by the following consequences for violations.

A written notice will be issued to those committing any of the following:

  • Throwing anything from the bus
  • Making noise and disturbing inside the bus
  • Writing or sticking any phrases anywhere in the bus

The bus service will be stopped for one week for those committing any of the following:

  • Repeating the infractions mentioned in the previous article, and a written notice has already been issued
  • Initiating or taking part in a fight inside the bus
  • Disturbing people on the street or inside other vehicles
  • Disobeying the rules of getting into and outside the bus or delaying the bus
  • Getting into or stepping out of a moving bus
  • Interfering in the drivers work or the assistant or consistently disturbing them in any way

The bus service will be stopped for one month for those committing any of the following:

  • Repeating the infractions mentioned in the previous article more than once
  • Playing or interfering with the bus equipment
  • Trying to move a stopped bus or stopping a moving bus

The bus service will be completely stopped in the following cases :

  • Smoking inside the bus
  • Committing deeds against honor and honesty inside the bus
  • Showing aggression against the driver or the assistant
  • Not sticking to the sanitary conditions inside the bus

The school principal will take a decision about any infraction not mentioned above and the parents will be immediately notified.

C. Registration for Transport Service

    1. All students who require the services of the operator shall apply in a prescribed form available on the school website.
    2. The application form available on the school website should be completed ONLINE and submitted by the parent. All asterisk marked columns must be filled up. On successful acceptance by School Authorities, the Parent should make the necessary payment at the operator counter in the school.
    3. The school shall provide a School ID card to the student. Should this be lost or misplaced, the parent will be required to pay AED 20 to replace the ID card. No student will be permitted to board the bus without an ID card. This is emphasized for the safety of the students.

D. Fee Payments

    • Once the application form / online registration is accepted, student will make payment of fees based on the fee structure applicable for the school. The transport fee structure is defined on the school website ( approved fee structure per ADEC )
    • Transport fee is applicable and charged for ten months in an academic year (for the specified number of days the school operates in an academic year as per Ministry guidelines), divided in three terms. Full payment for each term should be done irrespective of the number of working days. The term payment due dates are as mentioned above.
    • If the fees are not paid in advance at the start of the payment period, the child will not be permitted to use the service until they have been paid in full.
    • In case of new admissions during the term, full rate for the month will be charged from the start date of service.
    • Following options are given to parents for payment of fees :
    1. Cash, Card at the operator counter in the school
    2. Cheque in favour of ‘Fast Rent a Car ’ , to be submitted to the operator counter in the school. Please note, transport service can be availed only on clearance of the cheque.
    • There will be no discount if any student opts to use the service only one way
    • Direct Payment by Companies : In case of direct payment of transport fee to the operator by the parent’s Companies it should be informed at the time of registration.
    • The Companies should be advised to make the payment latest by the month preceding the start of the term failing which the service will be declined.
    • Dishonour of Cheques
    1. AED 25/- will be charged in case of dishonour of cheques.
    2. Only cash payments will be accepted in case of dishonour of cheques.
    • Invoices
    1. Invoices can be collected from the operator counters in the school at the time of payment.
    2. The individual Proforma invoice shall be issued to those parents who will be getting re-imbursement from their employer.

E . Transport Discontinuation


Rules regarding transportation fee for leavers from transportation service

•Discontinuation due to transfer from school / Withdrawal from school transportation facility – The fee will be charged for one full month, if the student uses the  transportation service for four weeks or less.

•The fee will be charged for two full months, if the student uses the transportation service for more than four weeks and less than seven weeks.

•The fee will be charged for the full term, if the student uses the transportation service for more than seven weeks.

•Discontinuation of transport facility for the ensuing term should be intimated in the specified form (available with at the operator counter in school / school website) at least two weeks before the end of the previous term.

•In case of temporary discontinuation on medical grounds the fee paid can be adjusted for the next term / month, if approved by the school principal. 

Rules regarding transportation fee for changing location from one place to another

•If a student change the location during the academic year, for availing the transportation facility he/she has to inform the transportation department at least one week before the month and from next month onward the relevant fee applicable to the new location will be charged.

• If the changes happened during a month, AED 400 (higher bracket) will be applicable in the running month whatever be the location.