Parents are required to clear their outstanding school fee for the term , on or before the beginning of each term.

If they fail to do so,the school will send School Fee Default Reminder  ( by email & hard copy ). Each reminder will be sent out within a gap of 15 days until the outstanding fee for the term is cleared. Post three School Fee Default Reminders, if parents have still not cleared their dues, the school will approach Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) to seek approval to enact necessary action as defined in ADEC’s Private School’s Policy Manual  .

As per Chapter 10 – Policy 39 of ADEC’s Private School’s Policy Manual , the following are the actions the school can enact post three School Fee Default Reminder;

  •     Temporarily suspend the student for three days
  •     Withhold any school exam results of the student
  •     Withhold transferring the student in ESIS
  •     Refrain from re-enrolling the student for next academic year until the fees is cleared.

Please note that NO CHILD will be removed from the school NOR prevented from appearing for any school exams due to non-payment of tuition fees.