Juby Varghese Cherian


Batch: 1998-1999

Current location: Abu Dhabi

The thing you never forget in Sunrise: The campus near Al Falah Plaza

Memories about the school: When I hark back to my school phase, I really wish if I could live it all over again one more time, besides studies, Just kidding!! To be honest, I cherish every moment I spent in Sunrise, be it having fun with friends in zero period or be it celebrating and participating on annual days. Everything about Sunrise was wonderful. All the teachers who have taught me, have left an everlasting impression in my life be it in my personal or professional life. 

Sunrise school has helped me develop as a holistic person and prepared me to stand out confidently in the real world and confront the challenges with optimism. The values, ethics and beliefs of the teaching fraternity and our dear Principal Mrs. Philipose has tremendously influenced my life in a positive way. I definitely recommend everyone to join Sunrise as it really stands by its name.

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