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Mathematics Online Competition was conducted by Sunrise English Private School , Mussafah on 19th September, 2020 for Class 4 and 5 via Zoom Platform.
The topic for Grade 4 was- Board Game.
Assembly Program started with the Qur’an recitation,UAE National Anthem, Indian National Anthem followed by the school prayer song. It was anchored by Jeanna John, who is also a student council.
Our Principal, Dr. Thakur Mulchandani and our Vice Principal,Mrs. Sheela John addressed the gathering.
Math is not just about numbers and formulas, and a game is one way we can experience the beauty of Math all around us! Board games integrate deeper mathematical thinking into the game play. Board games encouraged children to design,create and play which focussed on ‘ Four Operations in Mathematics’. Playing board games help children develop their logic and reasoning skills, problem-solving, critical thinking and boost spatial reasoning. Students launch a life long love of Math as they apply the Math they are learning to game play.
Summing up,the Math Competition helped for an effective learning of maths skills and develop an enthusiasm for numeracy