An interactive session on Pediatrics by Dr. Jayasree

An interactive session was conducted for Grade-4 students on Pediatrics by Dr. Jayasree on 02.06.2016 in the Multipurpose Hall. The facilitator explained about the benefits of Hygiene to the students that it is keeping oneself clean from head to toe. She spoke about the importance of keeping hair tidy. She asked the students about the way they brush their teeth and advised them to brush the teeth vertically.

Then the session was about eyes and ears. She asked the children to blink their eyes frequently as it is a good exercise for eyes and warned them not to put sharp objects into their ears.She also reminded them not to blow their nose and also not to use any strong perfumes may cause harm to the small membranes inside the nose. She even advised the children not to get up quickly out of their bed. Instead they should wake up slowly and take breath 3 to 4 times before stepping out of bed. She also pointed out the importance of washing the face and cutting the nails, because washing face frequently can help to say good bye to pimples. She gave a demo of the right way to wash hands which should take minimum one minute. She also said about the importance of washing hands after using toilets.Then she spoke about healthy food habits . Food is like petrol to a car. Avoid junk food. Eat healthy food .She then focused on the necessity of including green leafy vegetables, carrots,pulses, etc in the diet.

Apart from all these things she reminded the students about the significance of respecting elders as it help the children to grow up as good citizens.

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