An Educational Trip to U.S.A

A new page was added to the history of Sunrise when Qatar Airways took off at 5:30 am on the 29th of March from Abu Dhabi Airport with 35 students and four teachers on our first ever international educational trip to the U.S.A. It was a ten day trip across New York, Washington and Orlando.

The main highlight of the trip was the three day workshop which our students had at NASA with scientists giving them hands on experience about space life and the preparations for a space journey, which our students enjoyed the most. On the last day of the workshop, the students had an interactive session with an astronaut and were also presented with certificates for attending the workshop. 

Important tourist destinations like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Historical Buildings, The White House, Disney Land and Universal Studio covered the entertainment part of the trip. A competition will be conducted to select the best report prepared by the students on this educational trip and the prize-winning report will be posted in our Facebook page.

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