GradeAge & Criteria for admission
KG14 years by 31st March
KG25 years by 31st March / Passed in KG 1 within Abu Dhabi
Grade 16 years by 31st March / Passed in KG 2 within Abu Dhabi
Grade 2 UpwardsAdmissions are based on the Transfer Certificate and Final Report Card of the previous year duly attested and stamped.

Documents Required for Admission 

*It is mandatory to bring the color copy of the following documents along with you when your ward is invited for the interactive session / written assessment.
  • Print out of the Online Registration Form
  • Copy of the valid Emirates ID of student and parents
  • Copy of the attested TC (applicable for grade 2 and above)
  • Final report card of last grade attended
  • Vaccination record
  • Medical insurance card of student
  • Electricity /water bill/ tenancy contract (mentioning premises ID)
  • Passport copy and residence visa of student/parent
  • Attested birth certificate


All the above documents 
  • Original attested TC from the previous School.
  • Documents have to be attested from the Board with which the previous School was affiliated (eg. CBSE, ICSE, IGSE, State Board).