School Reopening Schedule

Parents are requested to read the email thoroughly. There will be a series of Emails sent by the school authorities in the next few weeks pertaining to reopening of school.

Respected Parents,
I hope this Email finds you and your family members in good health and cheer. As you all parents and students are aware and assured that Distance learning classes conducted from April-June 2020 was a great success and commendable due to the strenuous efforts by all our teachers, active involvement and participation by all the students and also the support and cooperation rendered by all our parents. It’s now time for our students to report back to school. Please note

1)The Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), has released a Private School Reopening Policies and Guidelines on how 2020-2021, Private schools in the Emirate’s will resume face to face class learning. It has already been emailed to parents.

2) As per the guidelines a survey among parents was conducted. Some parents are hesitant and have expressed their serious concerns about sending their wards to school, while some parents have placed trust in the school’s safety protocols and are eager to send their wards to school.

3) After a lot of deliberations and discussions, the school has decided on the Alternative week Model, wherein there will be FACE TO FACE Learning (FTF) and Distance LEARNING conducted simultaneously. Thus students will be exposed to both the models of learning viz-a viz FTF and Distance learning. Thus it’s going to be a blended learning approach. It’s a challenging time for all; parents, students and teachers. Let’s work together to make the return to school a happy and an enriching experience for your ward.

– The School has worked out all areas of safety and how best to safely accommodate the students and staff. The school will ensure that safe management systems measures are continuously monitored and the school atmosphere will be as pleasant as possible for your ward.
– Speak to your children about Covid-19 and let them know that it’s natural to feel anxious or nervous about returning to school.
– Be honest about the changes that they will see at school, such as the need to wear masks, inability to be close to their friends and teachers.
– Please ensure that you are present in the UAE at least 14 days prior to your children’s school reopening date to comply with any health and travel requirements set by the government.

– Secondary Section Students will report to school on 30/8/2020; Primary Section students on 13/09/2020 and KG students on 04/10/2020 at 7:45 AM daily, as per the Roll Numbers.
– Transport students will be intimated of the pick timings and drop off timings by 27th August, 2020
– Own Transport students should be in school by 7:45 AM.
– Attendance for all students is mandatory.
– Students coming to school and attending online classes should be in complete uniform.
– Students should bring their own food and no sharing will be permitted.
– Students will not be allowed to move about to other classes to meet friends.
– Students will be monitored and guided about safety procedures and protocols from time to time.

6) Refer the attachments containing the school reopening plans for Kg, Primary and secondary section students.

7) If parents wish to email any suggestions, inputs, ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. to us, regarding the reopening of the school, please email it to ,we will revert back in 1-2 working days
Once again thanking all our parents for their continuous support and cooperation in all our endeavors.

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