Friendly Twenty​ ​20 Cricket Match - Result

As a part of our Republic day Celebration, Sunrise English Private School, Department of Physical Education conducted a Friendly Twenty​ ​20 Cricket match between the Parents cricket team and the Sunrise Staff cricket team. The whole program was organized by Ultimate Sports Academy at Abu Dhabi University Ground ( Al Ain road). 

Match Details

Toss: Won by Parents Team and elected to Bowl first

First Innings: Staff Team scored 103 runs for 10 wickets in 18.3 overs

Second innings: Parents Team chased 108 runs for 4 wickets in 15.2 overs

Winners: Parents Team by 6 wickets

Program Sponsored by - L.L.H ( Mussafah)

Date - 27/01/2018(Saturday)

Timing ​- 11 AM TO 2 PM 

Venue - Ultimate Sports Academy Ground at Abudhabi University 

Location Map Link

Parents Cricket and Football Team

Cricket selection for the parents was conducted by Sunrise English Private School with the help of Mr. Manikantan Nair holding B.C.C.I Level A coaching license.

We are planning to participate in football Veterans tournament in Abu Dhabi after couple of friendly matches. We will keep the fitness training and practice at least twice in a week based on the ground availability in Abu Dhabi and Mussafah.

Cricket and Football friendly matches will be conducted in the month of January 2018 after re opening of schools.​Thanking all our parents for support and cooperation in all our endeavors.

Penalty Competition - @ Al Etihad Sports Academy

Al ethihad sports academy conducted penalty competition in which more than 700 participants took part. Sunrise School participated in all the categories and lifted tropies for,

2001 category Championship Trophy

Team members are----
  • Sanjay 12-E
  • Ribu babu -11-E
  • Merwyn 11-E 
  • Samson -11-A   (Also he got best goal keeper award to travel his full family to the Malaysia or Singapore )
  • Indrajith 11-A 

2008 Category Runners Trophy

Team members are---

  • Sarim 3-C,
  • Arif rehman 4-B,
  • Fadil 4-B,
  • Afnan 4-D,
  • Nihal 4-B (Also he got best goal keeper award to travel his full family to the Malaysia or Singapore)

2007 Category Runners Trophy 

Team members are---

  • Rayan-5-E,
  • Ralph 5-A,
  • Abhishek 5-C,
  • Ashwin 5-A,
  • Adil 5- E (Also he got best goal keeper award and voucher travel with his family to Malaysia or Singapore)