Penalty Competition - @ Al Etihad Sports Academy

Al ethihad sports academy conducted penalty competition in which more than 700 participants took part. Sunrise School participated in all the categories and lifted tropies for,

2001 category Championship Trophy

Team members are----
  • Sanjay 12-E
  • Ribu babu -11-E
  • Merwyn 11-E 
  • Samson -11-A   (Also he got best goal keeper award to travel his full family to the Malaysia or Singapore )
  • Indrajith 11-A 

2008 Category Runners Trophy

Team members are---

  • Sarim 3-C,
  • Arif rehman 4-B,
  • Fadil 4-B,
  • Afnan 4-D,
  • Nihal 4-B (Also he got best goal keeper award to travel his full family to the Malaysia or Singapore)

2007 Category Runners Trophy 

Team members are---

  • Rayan-5-E,
  • Ralph 5-A,
  • Abhishek 5-C,
  • Ashwin 5-A,
  • Adil 5- E (Also he got best goal keeper award and voucher travel with his family to Malaysia or Singapore)

Runners up: CBSE UAE Football Cluster Championship 2017-18

It is a great privilege and honor to announce that our Under 17 football team has secured the Runners up position at CBSE UAE Football Cluster Championship 2017-18. We are proud of all our students of under 17 team and Special thanks to PE teachers-Sahirmon, Abdul Rashid, Shiby Mathew, Suthika and Kavita Shabin for this record breaking performance by our under 17 boys team.

Also our SEPS team has qualified for CBSE National Football Championship to be held in India from 3-10 November,2017.

Closing ceremony of sporting events - Al Ethihad Sports Academy

Al Ethihad Sports Academy organized the closing ceremony of sporting events on 4th June 2016. The evening began with Quran recitation followed by UAE National anthem. Mr Kamar, President delivered the welcome speech. This was followed by Key note address by Dr Thakur Mulchandani. Sunrise English School students participating in various events- Football, Cricket, Swimming, Football, Basketball and Badminton were felicitated on the occasion.