Arabic Week a Special Assembly

As a part of Arabic week a special assembly on Isra val-Miraj was conducted in Sunrise English Private School on 15-04-2018 by Grade 10 C students. Students from Grade 6 to 12 participated in the assembly.

• The program started with a Quran recitation and the school prayer followed by the national anthem. After reading word for the day with its meaning the students quoted a beautiful words with their meaning.

• The inspiring speech of the students made everyone astonished. It also made all understand the importance of Isra Val Mi’raaj

• Our Principal Dr. Thakur Mulchandani said a few words about Isra-val-Miraj.

• The program ended with a thanks giving.


45th UAE National Day Celebration

45th UAE National day was celebrated in Sunrise school on 29.11.2016. Captain Mohammed Saeed Al Ameri –Head of Community Police unit –Musaffah was the Chief Guest for the celebration along with other eminent members of community police.. The program began with reading of verses from the Holy Quran. The chief guest was then invited to hoist the national flag, which was followed by the UAE National Anthem., The guests were felicitated with Bouquet by Principal and Vice-Principals. Human Flag formation was very well presented to describe the importance of various colors of UAE Flag.

The most exciting part of this celebration was the Felicitation of all the students who have bought Laurels and fame to school in various activities. The following group of students were felicitated and honored-

1. Recycle and Innovate Contest winners

2. Teens India winners

3. Y.O.U fest students.

4. National Children's Science Congress winners

The program also comprised of various Arabic dances by Students from Grade 4-11 students. The audience and the guests were really thrilled by the performances of all students. Another specular part of the UAE National day celebrations was the Grandmother’s Show. In this program the students explained the Formation of UAE, displayed plants and animals of UAE, Girls and Boys Dance depicting UAE Culture, Evolution of Traditional by Girls and Boys. The Program ended with Vote of thanks.

Hindi Divas - Primary Section

As a part of observing “Hindi Divas” and to show appreciation towards the national language of India, SEPS primary section organized a special assembly. The assembly highlighted the fact that Hindi is the simplest medium of expression of our nation. The graceful dance, inspiring speech, vibrant rendition of the song and well enacted skit by the grade 3, 4 & 5 students brought out the fervor of the celebration.

Hindi Divas - Secondary Section

On 18th of September, 2016 our students celebrated Hindi Divas with great Enthusiasm and vigour. The event was conducted by students of the secondary section. The importance of Hindi as the third most spoken language of the world was stressed upon and the students were encouraged to embrace Hindi through colorful show and NUKKAD NATAK (Street Play) was one of the attractive part of the program.

Special assembly on the earth day

A Special assembly was conducted by the Eco club members to mark the earth day 2016-17. Discussions, speeches, actions, plans to support sustainable life on this beautiful earth there by protecting it for future generations was emphasized. School’s Green Initiative – a project started by the Eco club members was further encouraged by students and teachers who contributed 20 saplings which were planted by the students themselves. Innovative ideas were implemented to the recycling and re –using wing of the school, shopping bags made out of the old school uniform ,a small initiative to reduce the use of plastic carry bags.