Attainment - Bhumika Nilesh Ujjainkar

Once again, we take the privilege in announcing that Bhumika Nilesh Ujjainkar of 6D  has  made us proud and has taken the name of our school to the zenith of fame, for being awarded innumerable trophies and certificates at the various competitions held in the year 2016.

She has acquired the first or the second place in most of the competitions and talent hunt contest. We pray for her rigorous and focussed efforts.

Here is the list of Bhumika's glorious attainment and some glimpses of her memorable moments for the others to cherish.

No Name of Competition Date of competition Achievement
1 India Social and Cultural center - Drawing competition 12/11/2016 1 st  Prize Trophy and certificate
2 Shining Star Young Artist - Drawing competition 16/12/2016 2nd Prize, Trophy and certificate.
3 Indira Gadhai Veekshanam Forum - Drawing competition 09/12/2016 1 st  Price, Trophy
4 Indira Gadhai Veekshanam Forum - Essay competition 09/12/2016 3rd Price, Trophy 
5 Brain O Brain National level - Drawing competition 17/12/2016  2nd Prize, Certificate and AED 300 Cash prize
6 ANGAMALY NRI Association, Sparkle - Drawing competition 20/01/2017 1st prize, Medal and certificate.
7 Hotchpotch at ISC - Drawing competition 13/01/2017  1 st  Prize, Certificate, Trophy and AED 400 Cash prize

Grand Finale - YOU FEST

The grand finale of Youfest 2016 was held in Our Own High School Al Warqa Dubai on 25th November. Around 85 Students selected in different items in two categories represented the school. It was one big cultural event with neck to neck competitions.7 Emirates, 55 schools, 5000 students participated in various events. Our rising stars won prizes in many events.

1] Ashlyn Benoy 7H—won first prize in light music junior category.

2] Group song senior category—Second prize

Participants----Shruti Varsha11B ,Kaaviya Dhanasekar 11F ,Ann Mariya Roy 9D , Ria Sara Roy 10D ,Athira babu 10 F A, Naeba Sosa 11B,Aarcha Unnikrishnan11F,Swathi 11D.

3] Cinematic Dance Junior---First prize

Participants—Karishma Muthukumaran7F ,Manasa Manoj 7F ,Arunima Ratheesh 7F ,Swathi Satish 7F,Leena Loshani8B ,Srenithy sundar8F ,Nakshatra Brijesh 6B ,Aishwarya Lakshmi 6B ,Laibah Abdul 6B ,Aleeshya Prajeesh 6H.

4] Cinematic Dance Senior---First Prize

Participants—Sreelakshmi Anil 11F ,Sana Tabassum 11F ,lekshmi Banarji 11D ,megha sunil 11D ,sanjana Ravi11D ,Meghna Johnson 11B ,Simona Issac11B ,Juhi Josh 11B ,Jyothi Krishna 11B ,Navya Jose 11D.

Congratulations to all winners and the participants.

Y.O.U Fest 2016-Winners

Y.O.U Fest 2016 was a great Musical and dance event organized by Equity plus Advertising in Bright Riders School on 11th November, 2016, wherein 14 schools of ABU DHABI and Al-Ain participated.

Various events-

a) Group Items:

i. Thiruvathirakkali 

ii. Folk Dance 

iii. Oppana 

iv.Cinematic Dance

v. Group Song (Malayalam)

b) Single Items:

i. Bharatanatyam 

ii. Fancy Dress 

iii. English Recitation 

iv. Light Music (Lalithaganam) 

v. Mappilappattu

Sunrise Students participated in all the events. The group items comprising of various dance events truly reflected the potentials and talents of all girls. Sunrise School bagged the overall championship trophy and qualifies for the Grand finale to be held on 25th November, 2016.