Penalty Competition - @ Al Etihad Sports Academy

Al ethihad sports academy conducted penalty competition in which more than 700 participants took part. Sunrise School participated in all the categories and lifted tropies for,

2001 category Championship Trophy

Team members are----
  • Sanjay 12-E
  • Ribu babu -11-E
  • Merwyn 11-E 
  • Samson -11-A   (Also he got best goal keeper award to travel his full family to the Malaysia or Singapore )
  • Indrajith 11-A 

2008 Category Runners Trophy

Team members are---

  • Sarim 3-C,
  • Arif rehman 4-B,
  • Fadil 4-B,
  • Afnan 4-D,
  • Nihal 4-B (Also he got best goal keeper award to travel his full family to the Malaysia or Singapore)

2007 Category Runners Trophy 

Team members are---

  • Rayan-5-E,
  • Ralph 5-A,
  • Abhishek 5-C,
  • Ashwin 5-A,
  • Adil 5- E (Also he got best goal keeper award and voucher travel with his family to Malaysia or Singapore)

SAT-II (Scholastic Aptitude Test) 2400/2400

PRITHISH KUMAR RATH, Student of our School, studying in Class-12 has brought laurels to the school by scoring 2400 out of 2400 marks in the SAT-II (Scholastic Aptitude Test) conducted by COLLEGE BOARD. Apart from being academically good student, Prithish is a good artist and represented our school in many national painting and other competitions and brought laurels to the school. We wish him all the success in his studies.

AISSCE Results - 2017

A torrent of unceasing triumph in Sunrise English Private School.....

Success has been an uninterrupted and recurrent phenomenon in Sunrise English private school.  The prodigious and implausible results achieved by the senior secondary section for the C.B.S.E Examination 2017-’18   has once again blazed a trail of remarkable accomplishment in the History of Sunrise English Private School. This is just another snapshot of the outstanding coups and achievements of the prominent and significant academy.    With a Bonanza of amazing results bagged by the boys and girls of the ‘A’ band accredited school from Abu Dhabi Educational Council, the school has attained another crowning stroke. The Principal Dr. Thakur Mulchandani congratulated the toppers and the faculty at the morning assembly.   This bountiful and copious achievement of the school, according to him is because of the globally significant pedagogy amalgamated with prudence provided by the tailor made educational stratagem of the school.   An innovator and visionary in the field of education Dr. Mulchandani, the Principal together with his crew in SEPS provides unflinching support and individual attention to each student preparing for the Board exams.  This unswerving and steadfast commitment of the educators makes the school unique and distinct. The management and its un-matched teaching faculty joins together with the students and parents, in celebrating this improbable feat of success and congratulate the toppers. 

Seizing triumphant realizations in both scholastic and co-scholastic phases has always been history in Sunrise English Private School. This has once again been proven.   Kudos! to all the toppers and congrats! to the faculty for the incessant and persistent effort put forth.

The list of the overall toppers (refer attachmed image) in Sunrise English Private School for the All India Senior School Certificate Examination -2017 declared on 28th of May 2017: