Recent Activities

Date: 22-Jan-19

Junior Football Team
Sunrise Junior Team won the football match against R10 football academy Mussafah.
Grade 1 Preliminary selection for annual sports
Roots and Shoots Award from Jane Goodall’s

Date: 12-Nov-18

Hi-Tech Urban farming - Hydroponics
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Karate Kids

Date: 09-Oct-18

DAY 1 : UAE CBSE Cluster KHO-KHO Championship
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Date: 07-Oct-18

First Runners position in Girl's UAE Football Cluster Championship

Date: 01-Oct-18 to 02-Oct-18

SEPS Girls football team won friendly match against Global School

Date: 01-Oct-18

Creating Wonders

Date: 17-May-18

Inter house games semi final for Grade 11 and 12
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