Dalma Mall YouTube CHALLENGE 2019

Respected Parents and students,

Greetings! We are extremely excited to see wonderfully talented kids who have taken the challenging competition to a new level in a big way.

 Dalma Mall YouTube CHALLENGE 2019

So here we are with the extremely competitive videos of the children who have worked hard to make it happen.  We have uploaded the videos on you tube for the competition and now its open for public views and likes .Lets begin the competition and see who gets most likes and views.   Each view will be valued 1 point and each like will be valued 10 points.  You can ask your friends and families to likeview and share .Please find below the link of students from Sunrise school. Please give Maximum likes

1) Mohammed Annaan

Sunrise English Private School

8 things highly intelligent people refuse to do


2) Hadi Noushad

Sunrise English Private School

APJ Abdul Kalam


3) Mohammed Ammaar

Sunrise English Private School

FIve Alienware gaming laptop


4) Akshay Anand

Sunrise English Private School

Would you be my friend