Vice Principal's Message (Primary)

Greetings to the Parents & Students of SEPS Community!

As we stand at the threshold and prepare to herald the New Academic Year; our hearts are filled with joy and prayers. Joy at the accomplishments of all our students and prayers to help us uphold the motto of Sunrise English Private School (SEPS) – “We are lighted to lighten”. The motto symbolizes the untiring efforts of all our teachers & caregivers to kindle the desire to know create & nurture in all our students. 

We – the teachers & parents – are equal partners in this journey of discovery on which each student of Sunrise School embarks. Let us make this journey enjoyable and meaningful for our students. Let us guide them and help them grow as independent learners, compassionate teammates & responsible citizen of the world. 

A question that needs to be soul-searched is – ‘what learning remains with students’ after they leave the secure confines of School and Home. The answer to this pragmatic enquiry is simple. Our children should leave with certain conceptual technical & life skills that will help them to succeed in the future workspaces. These are the much-needed 21st Century skills that our students need to be equipped with; often referred to as the 7 C’s (Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Creativity & Innovation, Communication & Media Literacy, Collaboration & Leadership, Computing & Digital Proficiency, Cross-cultural & Social Fluency, Career & Learning Self-Reliance).

We at SEPS are committed to making pedagogical paradigm shifts to enable our learners get an opportunity to hone these skills in classroom set up. This will require a basic shift in mind-set of teachers, students & parents. We have to accept that attainment is multi-faceted in today’s time, and that each child learns at different pace & ways. 

Recognizing the uniqueness of each child we create opportunities to allow a child to us. We seek opportunities for child-centric interactions with you in the new Academic Year. We seek your cooperation in sustaining the initiatives started at School to continue at your homes. We expect students of SEPS to turn around the equation of success -  from ‘what to learn’ to ‘learning how to learn’; from ‘dreading failure’ to embracing the spirit “not to give up in face of failure”. We accept the students to discover the learner in them & and discover the way s/he learns best. Let us help our children to be compassionate & self-propelled towards achieving their true potential. e his/her innate curiosity & inquiry skills. We need to recognize that students will experience success when they are able to follow their interests, develop according to their own potential, feel accepted and valued in School & at Homes.

Dr. Usha Sah Gupta
Vice Principal - Primary Section
Sunrise English Private School
Abu Dhabi