Vice Principal's Message

With boundless enthusiasm and infinite joy, let’s greet the new academic year.  Looking back and re-winding our minds   to the year that passed off, we feel proud and privileged for our various accomplishments including our Board results, which I hope would be still better this year.  I realize and appreciate the unflinching and unwavering support of my staff, teachers and the management.  

At this instance may I draw your attention to something I have noticed with delight and appreciation. The impact of parental instinct makes us all very much eager and readily willing to satisfy each and every need of our children.  This is very much true of every parent in all parts of the world and in every phase of life.  In this newsletter, may I link this human trait with another necessity left often un-noticed.  Obviously it is the dire need of an all-round development of a prodigy.  Apart from satisfying his physical needs, there lies another greater responsibility of grooming and molding him into responsible citizens of the morrow.  This, no doubt, can be obtained by imparting 21st century education, chiseled and sharpened by reformers and educationists for the betterment of our youth, who are the chariot riders of our nation. Here in Sunrise English School we lay great emphasis on this learner centered or pragmatic education.  One way we help our students to reach out to this child oriented learning is to involve them in multifarious activities, one of which is unveiling their writing skills.  This newsletter gives ample opportunities to help develop creativity.  Dear parents, enable your children to harness their pen for this noble cause.  Let them merge their imagination, creativity and in-born talents to paint with words.  Encourage them to give a definite form and final touch to their tender imagination and aspirations.  Let me also express my appreciation to all my teachers for their keen interest shown in the continuous teaching-learning process, which is one reason that makes them the best of scaffolders and facilitators.  

Ensured of utmost co-operation from my teachers, students and parents, we here in Sunrise beckon the new academic year most eagerly and enthusiastically, for we are sure, with the benediction of the Almighty, the very best shall be showered on us.   

Sheela P John
Vice Principal
Sunrise English Private School
Abu Dhabi